From hand-painted walls to high-tech sign design

ISD 2Word about Indepth Sign Design’s founder, Guy Richards, meant that he was called upon for a very special commission. It was back in the days when Guy was a signwriter, painting signs by hand. His skills were needed for the project to create hand-painted wallpaper for the Daily Mail’s Lord Rothermere, on the executive floor of his Kensington office.

In keeping with the historic building, the project involved mixing specialist paint colours and creating trompe l’oeil columns to divide corridors into sections. A motif of hand-painted garlands of intertwined leaves and flowers was painted onto the walls. As if this wasn’t complex enough, male portraits and classical female figures were also painted directly onto the walls. To complete the luxurious wall covering, delicate gold leaf was meticulously applied to precise elements of the design and larger areas to frame the decorations. Guy says, “Hand-painting Lord Rothermere’s wallpaper is one of the more unusual projects I’ve undertaken. Today I’m more likely to create signs using state-of-the-art production methods. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our attention to detail.”

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