Sign industry spokesperson, David Catanach, of the British Sign and Graphic Association (BSGA), recently spoke to trade magazine SignLink about the importance of price and service. In the interview, Catanach was quizzed on the issue of reputable, established sign manufacturers being undercut on prices by newcomers. He drew upon evidence from his own experience to reveal that very often companies that switch for lower prices return to their established supplier for good service. Certainly at InDepth Sign Design we’d agree that customer service is very important. That means that we take the time to understand what you require, and deliver exactly what you need.

You might have heard that old saying:


You might want: Fast, Good and Cheap

But in reality you can pick only two.
  • You can have fast and good but it won’t be cheap.
  • You can have fast and cheap but it won’t be good.
  • You can have good and cheap but it won’t be fast!

We strive to provide the required quality and price but what you’ll always notice is a commitment to good service across the entire InDepth Sign Design range:

Specialist signage | Boutique signage | Metal signage | Printed hoarding panels | Decorated hoardings | Architectural signage | Site safety signage | Fire exit signs | Backlit displays

If you’d like to discuss your next project please do get in touch or call on 01279 771300. We can talk through your requirements in terms of quality, timescales and budgets.