Here’s a few funny signs, which we spotted in the media recently, to make you grin – or groan.

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  1. kiss and rideCharming

New ‘Kiss and Ride’ signs have been installed at Preston train station designed to speed passenger drop-offs and ease congestion. They’re raising a smile amongst locals although taxi drivers aren’t quite so keen as they’re now asked to provide their passengers with a kiss. See the BBC report.

  1. Outrageous

viewingThis directional sign spotted by Sign Language is just fine for men with no inhibitions..

  1. SecretSecret landmark

Will and Guy spotted this road sign.  Perhaps that secret nuclear bunker isn’t quite so secret any more?

  1. Just wrong

parkThere are so many apostrophe errors appearing in signs it’s upsetting for perfectionists like us folks at InDepth Sign Design. It was hard to choose just one. But we did. This one comes from the Huffington Post. Surely every school-leaver knows you don’t need an apostrophe for a plural noun. Then again…

  1. Cwalkheeky

This tongue-in-cheek sign from London Underground was spotted by Seb White at South Kensington tube station. It reads: ‘Parents with children. Aren’t you wonderful, taking little Hugo to the museums? WALK ON THE LEFT.’

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