Creating signs for businesses, shops and restaurants – by the letter

Your business premises represent a significant investment, regardless of whether you pay a lease or own the commercial property. So once you have a location secured, a quality, well-branded sign will promote your business, help your brand stand out from the competition and ensure you can be found by customers.

Here are some very different but equally strong designs created by Indepth Sign Design using bespoke lettering, each created to appeal to their audience and suit their site.

bytheletterBefore we design, manufacture or install your sign, we start by understanding more about your business and your customers. You may have strict brand guidelines for external signage which we need to adhere to – or you may want to explore your options to see what is possible for a new venture or a rebrand. There may be planning restrictions on signage in your area or other specific considerations to address such as the size and visibility of the space. We can come up with suggestions and solutions to maximise the impact of your sign.

Signs can be comprised of individual letters that are flat cut or built up. Or the lettering can be fret cut from the fascia.  We create artwork and then the letters that make up your business name are precision-cut from the chosen materials.

A huge range of effects can be created, and materials can often be combined to make the letters in the sign ‘pop’. Signs can also be illuminated in a variety of ways and this is considered at the design stage.

Stainless steel is long-lasting and weather proof. It comes in a variety of finishes including mirror polished and brushed, as well as a variety of metal colours including silver and gold.

Lightweight aluminium offers versatility and weather resistance. It has a sandwich construction with two sheets of aluminium around a polyethylene core for durability. It’s available in a range of colours and finishes.

Acrylic is a popular material and is used for many signs. It provides a wide array of colours as well as options for clear and translucent lettering.

Often used for temporary displays and exhibitions for its 3D effect, as well as in retail signs, foam/PVC is a high density polyurethane board. It’s available in matt and gloss options and can be combined with other materials to achieve many different eye-catching looks.

This is just a quick roundup of some of the lettering options available when you create retail fascias, business signage and restaurant signs. We’re happy to talk through the technicalities of trays and fixings too. For more information please contact Indepth Sign Design on 01279 771300 or send us your enquiry.