Signs and tags make for a safe equipment management system


It’s always been vital to maintain safe equipment through regular daily and weekly inspections – but now it’s just as critical to display signs to show which equipment has been checked. Indepth Sign Design can provide the complete equipment inspection tagging system. It’s all part of our online catalogue of safety signs.

Once it’s checked it’s good to go

We provide easy to use paper checklists that cover relevant legislation and industry standards for different equipment, from forklifts to scaffold towers. Once equipment has been inspected and found to be in good working order the completed checklist can be displayed in a robust plastic equipment tag and attached to the equipment using the anti-tamper tag seal. Copies are retained for your records. This equipment safety management system is aptly called ‘Good To Go Safety™’ to show operators that equipment is safe to use. This signage and recording system also provides regulators with the evidence that equipment has been managed correctly.

Equipment inspection signs at a glance

Good to Go Safety kit from Indepth Sign Design includes checklists, tags, seals, wallets and dispensers.

  • Check book – equipment inspection checklists for specific equipment including:
    1. Forklifts
    2. Ladders
    3. Racking
    4. Podium steps
    5. Scaffold tower
    6. Fixed scaffold
    7. MEWPs e.g. cherry pickers
    8. Harnesses
    9. Vehicles
  • Equipment Status Tag – to show the equipment is safe to use. When there is no checklist the tag displays the default sign ‘Do not use’.
  • Anti Tamper Seal – the seal remains in place until the tag is opened which clearly indicates a new checklist should now be completed.
  • Check Book Wallet & Pen – provides a hard surface to write on and a place to store the checklists.
  • Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispenser which holds up to 10 Good to Go Safety check books.
  • Wall Mounted Information Station with 5 dispensers giving the capacity to hold up to 50 check books. This can be branded with your company logo.

Easy to follow equipment inspection and tagging

Indepth Sign Design offers the Good to Go Safety system because it’s a practical and flexible equipment inspection and management system. It can help you to make sense of a myriad of different legal requirements by providing straightforward checklists tailored for different types of equipment. You can use it to assess equipment, identify any issues before a major problem occurs, clearly sign equipment that is ready to use and make your workplace a safer place.

Take a look at the products in this equipment safety management system.

We provide next day delivery for orders signs placed by 1pm from our online catalogue of safety signs. Should you wish to add your logo to the Wall Mounted Information Station then this takes approximately 3 working days from receipt of your approved artwork. Delivery is free on orders over £50.00.

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