Absurd and amusing signs

When your professional life revolves around creating and supplying superb signs, you can’t help but notice signs which are just a bit unusual.

Hair salon sign that makes a statement with a question

How about this hairdresser with an unusually long and evocative name?

Ooooh Girl who did your Hair SALON


This image was spotted by Fresh Creative Awards blogspot.


Cheese shop A-board sign pays tribute to an ‘80s classic

This is from Cheeses shop in Muswell Hill, London.

absurd 2

Read the words and you can almost hear the music:

Sweet dreams are made of Cheese

Who am I to diss a Brie?

I Cheddar the world and the Feta cheese

Everybody’s looking for Stilton


If the lyrics haven’t already triggered your own memories, then ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ was a huge 1980s hit for Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart as the Eurythmics.


Absurd sign: Access all areas – or not?

This metallic wall-mounted sign is a great example of what not to put on your sign.

To paraphrase it:

If you can’t open the door then you can’t come in!

It seems more than a little absurd that this message needs a sign at all.

You can’t help feeling there must be more to it.  Could sensitive lab tests be underway requiring a climate controlled environment with a timelock on the door?




This image was spotted by Rob Loach, Ivman’s Blague.

If you see an example of a funny sign please email it to info@indepthsigndesign.co.uk

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Scaffold banner suppliers – what to look for

scaffoldingWhen building work is due to start you’ll probably want to source scaffold banners to display site safety signs or to promote your business – and maybe both.

Look out for heavy duty PVC banners. Indepth Sign Design provides robust site safety scaffold banners in high quality PVC. Our scaffold banners have a sleeve at the top and bottom allowing for a standard 2-inch scaffold pole to be fed through for fixing. These scaffold banners can withstand sun and rain as they are UV proof and weatherproof. They also have eyelets at the corners to provide extra reinforcement in severe weather.

Scaffold safety banners – order from our huge stocks

  • Print and material is UV and weather proof
  • Scaffold sleeves top and bottom – making a loop for the pole
  • Eyelets for extra strength
  • Next day delivery for stock orders made by 1pm
  • Delivery just £6.50 plus VAT
  • Free delivery for orders over £50

Our standard scaffold banners with sleeves are over a meter square at 1270mm x 1270mm, in other words 50 inches square.

If you’d rather a larger size of banner then please ask and we can manufacture this to order for you.

Customise site safety scaffold banners with your logo and more

Choose the site safety banner you need whether you need to show PPE, heavy plant operating or other safety messages. Then simply add your own details. You can customise site safety banners with your logo and/or other details such as license number.

For custom orders, we provide a speedy turnaround of 3 days from receipt of your approved artwork.

Banners with eyelets – stock item for swift delivery

As well as scaffold banners with sleeves/loops we stock banners with eyelets which can be readily fixed to scaffolding. These eyelet banners are 1270mm x 810mm in size (That’s 50 inches by just shy of 32 inches). Stock orders by 1pm will be delivered the next day.

If you want a different size then we can manufacture banners with eyelets to order.

Bespoke banners – when you need your own design

When you need something completely different then we can print a bespoke banner to your exact requirements. Due to the fact that banners on scaffolding tend to be displayed high up it’s worth considering keeping your message clear and short. Too many words or too much imagery will simply be lost when viewed from below. Big and bold works well.

These are the most popular scaffold banner sizes we’re asked for, but again we’re pretty flexible:

  • 2440mm x 1270mm
  • 1270mm x 1270mm
  • 1270mm x 610mm

For bespoke orders please get in touch to discuss your requirements, you can call Indepth Sign Design on 01279 771300 or send an enquiry.

Warning signs are turned on their head for National Trust wayfinding

keep off the grassThe Guardian newspaper reported on wayfinding signs in its recent article, ‘Museum and gallery wayfinding: tips for signage, maps and apps’  At Indepth Sign Design we were interested to see a well thought through signage campaign featured in the article. Commonly used warning signs, like ‘Keep off the grass’ are turned on their heads. Developed, for the National Trust, the signs encourage visitors to enjoy exploring their properties.

You need to do a double take when looking at the signs. Instead of warning messages prohibiting certain behaviour, they encourage visitors to roam and explore. The signs are part of the ‘Nature’s Playground’ campaign by The Click Design Consultants for the National Trust.

The suite of signs includes these light-hearted instructions for visitors:

  • KEEP on the GRASS
    for fun and games
    taken from this spot look fantastic
    It’s such a lovely spot.
    switched on so you can
    check in and tweet away
    and take time to hear the birdsong

It’s refreshing to see this kind of unexpected wayfinding signage. We believe there are always exciting creative solutions when it comes to producing your signage.

Next day delivery on safety sign floor graphics

When you need safety signs you often need them fast. Indepth Sign Design can provide next day delivery on orders you make by 1pm. There’s a really useful range of over forty floor graphic signs available right now. Signs come with a high tack self-adhesive backing and are sub surface printed and over-laminated polycarbonate for a hard-wearing, anti-slip finish. Because after all, safety signs must be safe themselves.

Take a look at our online catalogue of safety signs.

Examples of Indepth Sign Design floor graphics.

online catalogue of safety signs


Benefits of floor graphic safety signs

Floor graphics from Indepth Sign Design are a useful solution for your Health & Safety signs.  They are ideal for displaying important safety information in factories, warehouses, hospitals, hotels and workshops.

  • Floor signs are very easy to see – in fact they’re hard to miss!
  • They can be located exactly where they are needed to demark different areas within a workplace e.g. ‘Eye protection must be worn beyond this point.’
  • Floor graphics provide a space-saving alternative when wall space is full.
  • They provide an anti-slip surface.
  • Floor graphics don’t add to the clutter of a busy working environment.
  • The polycarbonate construction is tough, durable and easy to clean.
  • They are an inexpensive form of signage, especially in relation to their size.

Floor graphic options with Indepth Sign Design

Here are the floor graphics which we have in the range to help our customers comply with their legal obligations. They cover fire safety, PPE and prohibition signs, plus many more.

Fire safety floor graphics

FIRE NOTICE This area must be kept clear of all obstructions
Fire escape keep clear
Fire exit keep clear
Fire exit
Fire exit – up arrow
Fire exit – left arrow
Fire exit – right arrow

Keep clear floor graphic signage

Keep clear
Keep aisles clear
Keep this passageway clear
Staircase must be kept clear of all obstructions
Refuge point keep clear

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing floor graphics

Ear protection must be worn beyond this point
Eye protection must be worn beyond this point
Protective clothing must be worn beyond this point
High visibility jackets must be worn beyond this point
Protective footwear must be worn beyond this point
Safety helmets must be worn beyond this point
Ear protectors
Eye protectors
Safety boots

“No!” signs: Prohibition floor graphic signs

No entry to unauthorised persons
No entry to unauthorised persons beyond this point
No smoking beyond this point
No pedestrian access
No pedestrian walkway

Vehicle safety floor graphics

5 – speed restriction
One way
Sound horn drive slowly
Stop give way
Forklift truck
Forklift trucks prohibited beyond this point
Caution forklift trucks operating
Danger! Stop look listen. Beware of trucks

General safety sign floor graphics

Safety starts here
Pedestrian route
STOP Clean your hands
Caution slippery floor surface
Caution mind the step

Simply order the floor graphics you need from our online catalogue of safety signs by 1pm and we’ll deliver the next day. You can even order floor cleaning fluid, floor primer and edge sealer from us at the same time. There’s no delivery charge for orders over £50.

You can also talk to Indepth Sign Design on 01279 771300 or send an enquiry.

Creating signs for businesses, shops and restaurants – by the letter

Your business premises represent a significant investment, regardless of whether you pay a lease or own the commercial property. So once you have a location secured, a quality, well-branded sign will promote your business, help your brand stand out from the competition and ensure you can be found by customers.

Here are some very different but equally strong designs created by Indepth Sign Design using bespoke lettering, each created to appeal to their audience and suit their site.

bytheletterBefore we design, manufacture or install your sign, we start by understanding more about your business and your customers. You may have strict brand guidelines for external signage which we need to adhere to – or you may want to explore your options to see what is possible for a new venture or a rebrand. There may be planning restrictions on signage in your area or other specific considerations to address such as the size and visibility of the space. We can come up with suggestions and solutions to maximise the impact of your sign.

Signs can be comprised of individual letters that are flat cut or built up. Or the lettering can be fret cut from the fascia.  We create artwork and then the letters that make up your business name are precision-cut from the chosen materials.

A huge range of effects can be created, and materials can often be combined to make the letters in the sign ‘pop’. Signs can also be illuminated in a variety of ways and this is considered at the design stage.

Stainless steel is long-lasting and weather proof. It comes in a variety of finishes including mirror polished and brushed, as well as a variety of metal colours including silver and gold.

Lightweight aluminium offers versatility and weather resistance. It has a sandwich construction with two sheets of aluminium around a polyethylene core for durability. It’s available in a range of colours and finishes.

Acrylic is a popular material and is used for many signs. It provides a wide array of colours as well as options for clear and translucent lettering.

Often used for temporary displays and exhibitions for its 3D effect, as well as in retail signs, foam/PVC is a high density polyurethane board. It’s available in matt and gloss options and can be combined with other materials to achieve many different eye-catching looks.

This is just a quick roundup of some of the lettering options available when you create retail fascias, business signage and restaurant signs. We’re happy to talk through the technicalities of trays and fixings too. For more information please contact Indepth Sign Design on 01279 771300 or send us your enquiry.

Five of the best quirky signs

Here’s a few funny signs, which we spotted in the media recently, to make you grin – or groan.

If, on the other hand, you’re after an expertly produced sign, then please call Indepth Sign Design on 01279 771300 or send us your enquiry and we’ll be pleased to respond.

  1. kiss and rideCharming

New ‘Kiss and Ride’ signs have been installed at Preston train station designed to speed passenger drop-offs and ease congestion. They’re raising a smile amongst locals although taxi drivers aren’t quite so keen as they’re now asked to provide their passengers with a kiss. See the BBC report.

  1. Outrageous

viewingThis directional sign spotted by Sign Language is just fine for men with no inhibitions..

  1. SecretSecret landmark

Will and Guy spotted this road sign.  Perhaps that secret nuclear bunker isn’t quite so secret any more?

  1. Just wrong

parkThere are so many apostrophe errors appearing in signs it’s upsetting for perfectionists like us folks at InDepth Sign Design. It was hard to choose just one. But we did. This one comes from the Huffington Post. Surely every school-leaver knows you don’t need an apostrophe for a plural noun. Then again…

  1. Cwalkheeky

This tongue-in-cheek sign from London Underground was spotted by Seb White at South Kensington tube station. It reads: ‘Parents with children. Aren’t you wonderful, taking little Hugo to the museums? WALK ON THE LEFT.’

If you spot a sign that’s funny or just plain wrong we’d love to see it. Please email it to info@indepthsigndesign.co.uk

If you’d rather a serious discussion about signs please do get in touch.