It’s April, time for Sign & Digital UK 2016

signdigitalEvery specialist profession has its own trade shows. For the signage industry, April is the month to see what’s new in signage at the Sign & Digital UK show on 19-21 April at the NEC in Birmingham. This industry event has been part of calendar for around 30 years. (Coincidentally, that’s as long as Indepth Sign Design has been around too!) We’ve spotted new trends and developed our capabilities by keeping an eye on the latest developments which have showcased here over the years.

Around 7,000 visitors have access to over 200 exhibitors at this trade show. Indepth Sign Design will be looking out for the latest in wide format printing. We’re also always keen to make our processes as environmentally friendly as possible so developments in inks, LED lighting and consumables will get our attention. So too will new display systems, which open up new possibilities for our customers.

The Océ Arizona 6100 Series which we invested in is still ahead of the curve. It’s a UV flatbed printer which provides photo quality output even for very large signs. At the same time, it uses up to 50% less ink than fixed droplet, six-colour printers, making it a good environmental choice. This ultra-modern technology enables us to print photo-quality images directly on a vast range of surfaces from aluminium composite to plastic and PVC for banners. This kind of quality and design flexibility is something of a holy grail for the profession.

Developing our sign design, print and installation service is a constant focus. It’s enabled Indepth Sign Design to provide our clients with quality signs for a range of purposes:

Site branding

External signs

Internal signs

Shop fascias

Illuminated signs

Metal signs & letters

Windows & glass

Exhibition schemes

Directional signs



Hoarding panels

Site boards


Scaffold wraps

Health & safety signs



As well as custom signs, we hold a stock of safety signs ready for swift despatch.

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The Elizabeth Line illustrates the power of signage

elizabeth lineIt’s official. Crossrail has been given a new name. It’s to be called the Elizabeth Line when the service opens to passengers through central London in December 2018, as a tribute to Her Majesty the Queen. How do we know it’s official? It’s all down to the design and installation of a new sign for the Elizabeth Line. The graphic roundel, with its distinctive (regal) purple livery, is a symbol of progress for this important rail route, since the Elizabeth Line is one of the biggest construction projects in Europe. It’s a great reminder of the power of signage.

The name itself is not without controversy, with some commentators highlighting the irony of naming a publicly funded line after the Queen who has rarely set foot on public transport. But others think it’s a fitting tribute to Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Rail sign unveiled

Elizabeth Line: Crossrail to be named in honour of Her Majesty the Queen

New sign is a powerful emblem

By teaming the announcement with the unveiling of the new rail signage by the Queen, the project gained widespread media coverage. The sign is a strong symbol of this epic development project and the new opportunities it will bring. The modest sign symbolises a massive step forward:

  • 42 kilometres of Elizabeth Line tunnels have been constructed under the London streetscape
  • 10,000 people work on the Elizabeth Line at more than 40 different construction sites
  • the new 118 kilometre line from Reading in the west across London to Abbey Wood in the east, will increase rail capacity by 10%
  • the Elizabeth Line will bring an extra 1.5 million people within 45 minutes’ travel of central London.

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Absurd and amusing signs

When your professional life revolves around creating and supplying superb signs, you can’t help but notice signs which are just a bit unusual.

Hair salon sign that makes a statement with a question

How about this hairdresser with an unusually long and evocative name?

Ooooh Girl who did your Hair SALON


This image was spotted by Fresh Creative Awards blogspot.


Cheese shop A-board sign pays tribute to an ‘80s classic

This is from Cheeses shop in Muswell Hill, London.

absurd 2

Read the words and you can almost hear the music:

Sweet dreams are made of Cheese

Who am I to diss a Brie?

I Cheddar the world and the Feta cheese

Everybody’s looking for Stilton


If the lyrics haven’t already triggered your own memories, then ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ was a huge 1980s hit for Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart as the Eurythmics.


Absurd sign: Access all areas – or not?

This metallic wall-mounted sign is a great example of what not to put on your sign.

To paraphrase it:

If you can’t open the door then you can’t come in!

It seems more than a little absurd that this message needs a sign at all.

You can’t help feeling there must be more to it.  Could sensitive lab tests be underway requiring a climate controlled environment with a timelock on the door?




This image was spotted by Rob Loach, Ivman’s Blague.

If you see an example of a funny sign please email it to

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Warning signs are turned on their head for National Trust wayfinding

keep off the grassThe Guardian newspaper reported on wayfinding signs in its recent article, ‘Museum and gallery wayfinding: tips for signage, maps and apps’  At Indepth Sign Design we were interested to see a well thought through signage campaign featured in the article. Commonly used warning signs, like ‘Keep off the grass’ are turned on their heads. Developed, for the National Trust, the signs encourage visitors to enjoy exploring their properties.

You need to do a double take when looking at the signs. Instead of warning messages prohibiting certain behaviour, they encourage visitors to roam and explore. The signs are part of the ‘Nature’s Playground’ campaign by The Click Design Consultants for the National Trust.

The suite of signs includes these light-hearted instructions for visitors:

  • KEEP on the GRASS
    for fun and games
    taken from this spot look fantastic
    It’s such a lovely spot.
    switched on so you can
    check in and tweet away
    and take time to hear the birdsong

It’s refreshing to see this kind of unexpected wayfinding signage. We believe there are always exciting creative solutions when it comes to producing your signage.

Site traffic signs promote safety on construction sites

To ensure construction sites are healthy and safe environments a full risk assessment and health and safety plan is required. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM) require that health and safety is managed through every stage of a project, from design and planning through to site work, and even ongoing maintenance. Signage plays a big part in ensuring that workers and the public are kept safe during the site work phase. Once your development is complete signage helps to ensure that on-site traffic is safely managed.

With over 200 site traffic signs, from mandatory and prohibition signs to warning signs, Indepth Sign Design has it covered. Signs are produced in rigid plastic and aluminium, and some are mounted on traffic cones for ready use. There’s also the option to add your company logo where appropriate.

road traffic signs

Here are some of the important safety issues to consider and some of the signs we provide to meet these safety issues.

Key aspects safety signage for site traffic

Site boundaries

All construction sites must be secured, and there is a duty to ensure that the public are kept out of construction sites and away from potential harm. This also serves to protect the site from theft and vandalism. No entry signs show that the public are not permitted on the site.


All drivers, especially delivery drivers, need to know the routes and traffic rules on the site with clear signage. In addition, safe pedestrian routes must be displayed, especially for visitors to the site, ensuring pedestrians are segregated from site traffic.

Minimising vehicle movements

Fewer vehicle movements on a construction site make the site safer. Smart planning can reduce vehicles moving around a site. Spoil movement can be reduced by landscaping. Zoning can help too, for example providing car and van parking for the workforce and visitors away from the work area will limit the number of vehicles on site. Plus storage can be organised so that delivery vehicles do not have to move across the site. Signage has a big part to play.

Turning vehicles

Vehicles reversing are a major cause of fatal accidents on construction site. So wherever possible this should be avoided.  A turning circle could be created so that vehicles can turn without reversing. One-way systems provide a good solution, eliminating the need for reversing.

Emergency exits

As with occupied buildings, it’s important that anyone on site knows where to go in the event of an emergency. Your carefully planned escape routes need to be clearly signed.

Business as usual

Where business continues on the premises whilst construction takes place then site rules will need to mitigate any hazard. This includes include traffic management systems and pedestrian routes.

A taster of the site traffic safety signs we provide

We have a huge range of traffic management signs. Just take a look. These are a small sample of the traffic signs we have available.

Red traffic signs

Works access / exit

Works traffic only

Works traffic direction signs

Caution heavy plant crossing

Caution mud on road

No reversing without a banksman

No construction traffic beyond this point

Pedestrians left and right arrow directional signs


Blue information signs

In / Out

No entry / No exit

One way

Left and right arrow directional signs

All drivers and visitors must report to site office / reception / blank your own text

This entrance /exit must be kept clear


Yellow diversion signs

Diversion right / left – arrow sign


Speed limit signs

5 / 10/ 15 / 20 mph signs


To place an order browse our online safety signs catalogue. Orders received by 1pm will be delivered the next day. Delivery is free on orders over £50.

Where personalisation is required with you company logo then delivery is usually within 3 days of receipt of your final artwork.

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Celebrating 50 years of British road signs

50 signsThe Design Museum in London is hosting an exhibition to celebrate the British road sign system. Designers Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir were commissioned to standardise road signs in 1965 and 50 years on, their signage system is still in use.

Many designers are contributing their tribute signs for the exhibition, reinterpreting the circle, square and triangle road signs which we are so familiar with today. They include the designer of the Beatles’ album sleeve Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, pop artist Sir Peter Blake; Sir Kenneth Grange designer of the Parker pen and InterCity 125; and visual artist Julian Opie. There’s even a special Road Works sign from Calvert herself.

The exhibition is on from 19 September to 25 October 2015 in the Design Museum’s Tank and Riverside Hall. As well as over 30 tribute signs, example of Kinneir and Calvert’s original signs will be on display. This exhibition promises to demonstrate the power of signage.

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